My mum had one when I was a kid, and it was a straight-up riot. I remember her "dragging" other cars off stoplights in it, and surprising a few (ok most cars weren't that quick back then). Best was when she got a speeding ticket for doing so....I think the cop was laughing the whole time. I would buy one in a… » 2/13/15 8:51pm 2/13/15 8:51pm

Minsk2 is actually Merkel (and thus Obama's) excuse NOT to arm Ukraine. It's appeasement of Putin & the new Russian empire, plain and simple. The Russians troops haven't yet captured the land route to Crimea they're looking for, and hence they won't stop advancing. Sometimes, force needs to be met with force. The West… » 2/13/15 8:16pm 2/13/15 8:16pm